5 Reasons to Visit Zanzibar Before you Die! 

It comes as no surprise that you will be spoilt for choice when planning your next ultimate beach holiday. But what exactly makes a picture-perfect beach holiday?
For one, affordability, reachability and a variety of activities to choose from. 
This is precisely why Zanzibar is regarded as the premier Indian Ocean beach destination. Let’s explore the 5 unbelievable reasons you need to visit Zanzibar before you die, you’ll love them all: 
  1. Quality Affordable Accommodation

Zanzibar has a diverse range of Africa’s best beach lodges that suit everyone’s needs at the best possible price.  Depending on what kind of accommodation you looking for, you can choose from a boutique hotel in town to a great budget guest house just outside the city centre. 
  1. Countless Beach Activities

Zanzibar’s East Beaches are popular among tourists. You can experience brilliant white sands and warm waters. Here you can, among other things, scuba dive, encounter Dolphins and Green Turtles, Kitesurf and snorkel.  Or explore the beautiful North Western coast. Here you can swim during low and high tide, which is not always possible on the East side of the island. 
  1. Experience Unique Tours

No matter what kind of mood you are in, never worry about not having the time of your life in Zanzibar since you have numerous tours to choose from.  If you are feeling a bit down and uninspired that a nap on the beach before heading on a tour to Jozani Forest - nature knows best to lifts up spirits.  Or maybe a ride on a local's dhow (a carved, wooden boat) might do the trick.      
  1. Travel by Boat inside of Fly

Instead of flying direct to Zanzibar (available on some international flights) or taking the 15 minutes flight from Dar es Salaam to the island (offered by local airlines.) Add a bit of adventure to your travel by choosing between economy or first class ferries and catamarans to take you between Dar and the Island. Plus, you have the option of hiring a private boat.
  1. Dining Options

Experiencing the food culture of a country makes is a must! Have a nightly “cheapest” eating affair by the water and be sure to try the local sugar cane juice. Provided you are not scared of local food, Forodhani Gardens is definitely worth a visit.  Otherwise, opt for fine Asian cuisine at the renowned Terrace Restaurant - Maru Maru Hotel.
For a budget beach holiday, Zanzibar is the place for you.