Spa Holidays in Thailand

Experience spa sanctuaries and spa holidays in Thailand – these include destination spas, spa retreats, hotel and resort spas as well as day spas.

Thailand presents thousands of spa experiences to visitors whilst offering every single kind of treatment imaginable; combined with a wonderfully temperate climate, tranquil landscapes and a sense of calm and serenity makes this a perfect destination for a memorable spa break.

Traditional Thai building design combined with the calming Zen-type of minimalistic décor surrounded by enchanting lush vegetation blended with the gentle manner of the Thai people is what makes spas so special in this part of the world.

It is interesting to note that massage has been practiced in Thailand for over 2000 years – and no visit to Thailand is complete without this authentic experience; and even though it is quite possible to have an inexpensive shoulder and neck rub at the countless, miniscule out-of-the-way booths, nothing will ever beat the genuine indulging treat at an extravagant spa resort or a couple of hours spent at a day spa.

Even though Thailand boasts a long history of therapeutic massage and natural healing opportunities – these include Thai massage, natural springs and medicinal treatments – it is safe to say that Thailand is known to be quite avant-garde as far as their spa offerings go.

You can expect to see anything and everything there is to offer as far as spas are concerned  – these include Tropical Sprinkles and Tranquillity Mists or even the famous four-hand Harmony Banyan treatments where two -  not one - therapists will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable massage that can only be described as being out-of-this-world.

Thai spas have a focus on therapy for the mind, emotional well-being together with a spiritual awakening.

Many Thailand spas have developed signature treatments – one of these is often therapy for the mind:

To achieve the full benefit of the Thailand tourism experience - ensure your visit to a Thai spa incorporates cures that cultivate a mind that is clear and harmonised.

The practice of Meditation does more than promote harmony – it also allows for the cultivation of an awareness of positive states that include love, contentment, calmness and patience.

The holistic spa journey is about mindfulness in the form of mediation or movement meditations such as Yoga, Thai Chi and Qigong.

Your spa holiday in Thailand will certainly be one of those nostalgic trips synonymous with peace and harmony that is a deviation from the usual things to do on Thai holidays.

Note though - when enjoying a travel package to Thailand it is very important to treat the local people with the greatest respect and never raise your voce or speak to them in an angry fashion – otherwise their friendly demeanour will vanish in an instant. Using greetings such as “Sawadee” (which in English means hello and goodbye) and “kob-khun (which translated is thank you) will stand you in good stead with almost any of the locals.