Shopping Holidays in Thailand

If you love to shop more than anything else when visiting new places, shopping holidays in Thailand will not disappoint.

Whether you love inexpensive trinkets to pack into your suitcase to ensure the memories last a lifetime – or whether you are more serious about collecting valuable items such as antiques and jewellery – Thailand will be able to satisfy any palate no matter how large or small.

Thailand holidays are popular for their excellent shopping; not only does this centuries-old kingdom offer high quality goods; the very wide variety is quite breathtaking.

Thailand’s goods are a major draw-card to its millions of visitors that pass through every year - arts and crafts probably being the most alluring of buys.

Perhaps you love the more inexpensive wicker rice streamers, handbags, purses, fans and parasols adorned with Asian elephants; maybe you are a collector of other more expensive, fine valuable items – shopping in Thailand will mean that you are always spoilt for choice.

Thailand and its markets:

There is a market at the heart of every Thai town and village – even the tiniest settlement will offer a broad range of fresh produce, whereas the lager markets will sell everything under the sun from handmade items to fruit and vegetables as well as household items.

Don’t miss out on the Chatuchak Market in the Chatuchak District which is staged every weekend in the northern suburbs of Bangkok.

Join the muddled masses of more than 15 000 stall holders which occupy the space over more than five football fields!  Chatuchak is always full of haggling sellers and eager shoppers - many of whom spend an entire day browsing amongst the tantalising displays.

You can buy anything from seafood to antiques such as the Siamese fighting fish or if you enjoy a bargain or two find a couple of pre-owned clothing items.

The plant section is a must-see for flora enthusiasts; a perfect introduction to Thai plant life while the food stalls display the most unimaginable array of specialties that will whet the appetites of gastronomes from the four corners of the globe. Everything on display is either freshly-caught or newly-picked straight from the surrounding fertile farming regions.

The market is believed to be the wildlife supermarket of the world because it is best known for selling endangered species including primates – even though huge efforts have been made to stop this cruel practice.

Otherwise browse through a myriad impromptu roadside stands dotted all over Thailand – good to stock up on those jasmine items and other rare finds.

Other must-see markets to visit on a Thai holiday package include Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, the Pattaya Floating Market and the night markets of Chiang Rai.