Outdoor Holidays in Thailand

Enjoy a pocket-friendly tour of this other-worldly south-east Asian country and discover reasons aplenty for putting it on your global itinerary; if it is outdoor holidays in Thailand you have your heart set on – you will be spoilt for choice.

While there is no shortage of tourist services in Thailand, some of the kingdom’s best-kept secrets are undoubtedly uncovered with the help of reputable independent guides – many of whom simply approach you at popular tourist spots – a word of advice, though – always ask to see your guide’s licence from the Thai Tourist Authority before you consent to making use of their services.

Get your guide to assist in hiring diving and snorkelling equipment or hire a long-tail boat – rua hang yao and discover some of the abundant eye-popping scenery.

Random exploration or a visit to unforgettable Monkey Island to observe the officious little primates in their natural environment is a must-see and must-do when in Thailand or visit Ko Phi Leh which is the location of the movie “Beach”.

Thai boat trips and island hopping holiday ideas:

Throw away that stuffy itinerary and enjoy the very best of beachcombing and island hopping – it is no secret that Thailand’s shoreline offers some of the very optimum islands in Asia – some of these include:

  • The islands of Koh Lanta in Krabi Povince – most famous for their jaw-dropping sunsets and miles of mangrove- punctuated coral beaches, craggy hills and umbrella trees.
  • Or try out Koh Tao, a little north of the traveller’s mecca, Koh Phangan which you can only access by boat; most famous for its exquisite diving opportunities.
  • Koh Phi Phi Dons offers magnificent scenic hills, vertical cliffs, sapphire waters and a superfluity of sea as well as bird life.
  • A visit to Thailand is incomplete without a visit to Koh Samui which is Thailand’s second largest island a little way off the coast of Surat Thani – this island is especially popular for its prolific nightlife.

Elephant safaris in Thailand – elephant riding, trekking and wildlife watching:

Even though the Asian elephant is a lot smaller than their African cousins, they are surprisingly robust and perfect for trekking into the leafy Thai forests as their great, soft feet distribute the weight of the animals without causing harm to the surrounding vegetation.

For those that are concerned about the safety and care of these elephants – elephants in Thailand are well-loved and working elephants – spanning a career of about fifty years are usually taken care of and assigned by two mahouts – one a little older and one a little younger (often father and son teams) to care of and see the beasts throughout their lifetime.

It is a law in Thailand to retire elephants and release them to the wild once they reach the age of 61!

Shut your eyes and dream about swaying gently beneath an awning of jungle leaves in the seat out an elephant – nothing short of magic!

Outdoor holidays in Thailand include diving, snorkelling, sailing, canoeing, white-water rafting, elephant riding, trekking, wildlife watching, boat trips, cycling and so much more.

For your soul-enriching outdoor Thai holiday package book your window seat today and get ready to fall in love with a certain kind of magic that captures the heart and won’t let go.