Northern Thailand or Golden Triangle Holidays

If you are keen on venturing to the Far North of Thailand which is also commonly known as the Golden Triangle – you will be interested to learn that this is the point where Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand all meet and is the area of Asia best known - historically - for its production of opium and heroin. The Far North of Thailand presents holidays that are unique and not overrun by commerce and tourists.

In today’s modern world the area is best known for its picture-postcard pretty scenery where hill tribe villages abound – the flawless surroundings of which are the biggest draw-card for trekkers to the area from the far corners of the globe.

Instead of hanging your coat up in one of the more popular travel destinations, explore the little-known Far Northern areas of Thailand where the lesser-known smaller towns such as Phrae and Nan abound simply waiting to be explored and discovered –  little villages found perfectly ensconced in the hilly countryside.

These abundantly-fertile flood plains of the Mekong River touch the tip of the Far North before running east into Laos. Here breath-taking mountain ranges in the west and east of the area form a perfect chocolate-box backdrop to the surrounding area.

The hill tribes have made these areas their home – including the Mien and Akha who still enjoy preserving their traditionally ancient way of life.

Visitors to the Far North of Thailand usually travel from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and then north to the Golden Triangle resulting in few seeing some of the excellent sites of the East such as the old walled settlements of Phrae.

The Golden Triangle by Car or Bus:

  • The Golden Triangle stretches for 195 000 km spanning parts of Thailand, Laos and Mynamanr (Burma of old).
  • The area is best known to be connected to the opium trade and heroin trade and thus has derived its name “Golden Triangle”

There is much to see and do and is the perfect destination for travellers; you simply have to pay the hill tribe villages a visit that are dotted throughout the area nestled amidst some of the finest mountain scenery found in Thailand – some of these historical towns include Chian Saen and Chinag Khong.

Because it is believed that illicit opium trading is still ongoing in the area, visitors should always use qualified guides and take extra care when approaching the border to Myanmar which could be unsafe.

When in the Far North of Thailand visit:

  • Mae Salong – one of the main settlements and perhaps the most scenic, town founded in 1962.
  • Doi Tung, which is an impressive limestone outcrop dominating the Mekong flood plain near Mae Sai.
  • Fang – home to Wat Jong Paen the most prolific temple featuring Myanmar-style multi-roofed wihan.
  • Mai Sai – the Northern-most town in Thailand and separated from Myanmar merely by a bridge, offering excellent views over the Sai River.
  • Chiang Rai – known as the gateway to the Golden Triangle.

Holidays to the Far North of Thailand offer the visitor so much to see and do – an explorer’s paradise. Don’t stop at Phuket and Bangkok when visiting Thailand, instead don those hiking boots and find out more about this magic kingdom.