Gastronomic Holidays of Thailand

The best way to explore Thailand is to eat your way through the islands.

For many that love to travel – the experience of trying out exotic dishes in foreign lands is what they find to be the most inspiring way to discover new cultures, novel food and innovative lands. Gastronomic holidays in Thailand are certainly no exception as the food in the kingdom is popular throughout the world and especially well-liked for its aromatic and spicy flavours.

Food in Thailand:

Chilli Peppers in Thai food:

  • Chilli peppers were first imported to Thailand from the New World in the 16th century by European merchants and introduced into the local Thai cuisine – in particular those tiny “scorch the lips” variety.
  • Slightly spiced, less fiery dishes are also extremely popular and widely available throughout the kingdom of Thailand; furthermore the tangs and influences from China and India can be tasted in stir-fries and curries.

The inventiveness of Thai culinary skills has resulted in a dizzying array of dishes exclusive to Thailand which presents a cuisine full of characteristic flavours and harmonising consistencies nutritionally balanced and gorgeously presented.

Thai rice and noodles:

  • In common with those of all its South-East Asian neighbours, the Thai diet is based on the staples of noodles and rice – the most popular being the long-grained khao hom mali (fragrant jasmine rice) – usually steamed when prepared.
  • In the Northern and North-Eastern regions local folk prefer khao niaw which is sticky rice and eaten with the fingers.

The four flavours of Thailand:

It is interesting to note that all Thai food strikes a perfect balance between the four flavours – these are sweet, sour, salty and hot – the balance does differ from one dish to the next – and even though Thai food is synonymous with fiery hot flavours it also features a plethora of subtly-flavoured dishes that make use of herbs and spices including lemon grass, galangal, basil, coriander and other flavourings to bring out the zests and taste of the dishes. There are plenty of outdoor Thai markets where you will be able to sample some, or all of these flavours blended together.

That ultimate irresistible Thai smoothie:

Fruit is in in great quantity on the islands of Thailand which are sprinkled with vendors’ carts groaning with freshly cut jewels heaped on icy beds – the fruit is awe-inspiring but the fresh fruit shakes are absolutely impossible to resist.

These are made from the pulped flesh of mangoes, watermelon, banana and dragon fruit amongst many others blended with scoops of ice.

Thai people prefer to drink most fruit juices with a little pinch of salt added – so unless your vendor is au-fait with servicing foreigners (farangs) your shake will come with a little pinch of salt

Eating holidays of Thailand will mean that you can gorge on plum coconut and sweetcorn fried cakes in addition to relishing in wok-fried fresh clams in fiery chilli and Thai basil coconut curry washed down with the incomparable cool coconut water when the sun comes beating down - the tincture of the tropics.

Coconuts are piled high in frosted cooler boxes and sipped through straws – a far cry from the creamy milk found in cans. Enjoy this thin juice with its slightly almond flavour – just the thing if you are in search of a gastronomic Thai holiday – indeed few things in life can beat gastronomic holidays of Thailand.