Entertainment Holidays in Thailand

Do you like to visit bars, see comedy shows, enjoy music or simply love to visit folk clubs when you arrive at a new travel destination? Or perhaps it is traditional theatre and dance you enjoy most of all. Are you one of those people who needs to take in a concert, visit exhibitions or love modern theatre? Thailand offers those that love entertainment a little something for everyone; needless to say, entertainment holidays in Thailand will have you coming back for more time and again.

Thai Martial Arts

One of the best types of entertainment while on holiday in Thailand is without question Thai kick boxing – otherwise known as Muay Thai; not only is this a national passion, but is enjoyed by millions of visitors that flock in droves to this age-old kingdom.

Most provinces offer boxing and have boxing arenas but the nation’s top two venues are found in the capital – Bangkok:

  • Lumphini Stadium – which has bouts three times a week.
  • Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium also offers exciting boxing matches for those that find this an entertaining sport.
  • If you are interested in learning to kick box instead of watching and would love to learn more about these skills you can contact the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation to find out how you too can learn and which instructors are reputable.


Another much-loved long-established Thai martial art is krabi-krabong, otherwise known as “sword-staff” and which is named after the hand weaponry used.

Techniques are taught according to ancient skills passed along from one generation to the next and although skill and stamina are important – injuries inflicted are considered to be the measure of accomplishment of fighters. Demonstrations of this martial art are usually showcased in tourists’ cultural shows.

Festivals and fairs:

The Thai calendar is jam-packed with national holidays and local festivals – often with religious connotations or to promote seasonal Thai cooking produce – others are dedicated to fun-packed activities such as boat-racing and kite flying.

Traditional theatre and dance is a must-see for anyone visiting Thailand:

The place to watch traditional dance with the most atmosphere is Sanam Luang on the evening of royal celebrations such as the king’s birthday or on funerals.

On such auspicious events dozens of stages provide entertainment to throngs of people way into the early hours of the morning and often last for days on end.

Exuberant sanuk (fun) is an all-embracing activity even on the most serious of occasions such as religious festivals – indulging in the numerous local passions is essential to understanding life in Thailand whether it be a song-filled night out or folk music at a club, a colourful temple fair, classical concert a takraw game or watching the latest Thai movie – entertainment holidays in Thailand have much to offer the adventurous tourist.