Cooking Holidays in Thailand

It is no secret that the Thai people live and love to eat – food is the heart and soul of this must-see destination – a kingdom that is centuries old with streets dotted by humble tent-like edifices boasting supreme noodles – perhaps the best north of the equator, while mobile food carts literally groan under the burden of aromatic flavoured chicken and singed corn.

Thai food is a marriage of earliest Eastern and modern Western influences melodiously combined into something exclusive and quite un-missable. Definitely something to experience as part of a travel package to Thailand.

Magnificent azure waters, sheltered beaches and pleasant sun saturated days all enhance this memorable experience.

Thai cooking holidays are unforgettable – although there are numerous courses other than cooking classes to enjoy such as spa and meditation courses that can give a valuable insight into Thai culture and if followed diligently also provide numerous invaluable skills to help cope with stress in the modern world.

The techniques of preparing Thai food – including fruit and vegetable carving, can be learned at various hotels and cooking schools - but be sure to choose one that is reliable and reputable.

Students can sign up for either a day course or courses that last for several days with a typical day’s study including a shopping trip to the market, demonstrations of how to prepare a couple of exciting dishes, followed by practical lessons – and the best part of all – is of course eating what you have learnt to cook!

Visit some of the food markets – perhaps the largest and most popular of these is the incredible floating market in Damnoen Saduak at Ratchaburi, about 100 km west of Bangkok.

The best way to see this market is to go outdoors and hire a long-tailed boat and get there as early as possible to escape the bartering hordes.

Perhaps some of the most well-known images of Thailand are those depicting wooden canoes laden with fruit and vegetables, flowers and other fresh produce.

Culinary explorers need to try what is considered to be the national delicacy of Thailand – we are referring to none other than birds’–nest soup. Reaped three times a year, the nests are made up from the solidified saliva which is secreted by swifts and when it is cooked in chicken soup, they soften and detach, mimicking bean-thread noodles.

These birds’ nests are considered to be highly-medicinal and are costly in both China and Hong Kong where they are thought of as being “white gold”.

A holiday to Thailand is considered to be fortunate in that it is a land of plenty for you to see in all it's glory – and due to the fact that land is fertile and the population always small relative to the size of the country famine is almost unknown.

As well as being famous for its flavour and freshness, Thai cuisine is always beautifully presented with dishes often garnished with flowers and rosettes carved out of colourful vegetables and fruit.

If you are considering a Thai cooking holiday anytime soon, there is much to choose from that won’t disappoint the fussiest of palates.