10 Things You Must Do in Thailand

Because Thailand caters to its growing number of visitors – more than 12 million annually – there is much to see and do in one of the biggest and best-organised tourism industries found in Asia.

Visit the headquarters of TAT in Bangkok or any of the other tourist hot spots dotted throughout Thailand – these are the helpful Tourism Authority of Thailand offices if you need to learn more or need assistance when visiting.

The tourism industry in Thailand has grown in leaps and bounds over the years which means that adventurers are no longer restricted to discovering and exploring Phuket and Bangkok – the whole country is now easily reached by those that love to travel independently and would like to explore this lush, tropical landscape.

Thailand is the theatre of traditional and sensory divergences for visitors, presenting a long and rich heritage of a proud Buddhist nation jostling for space within the vigour of a country that is presently undergoing an economic boom and bust.

Thailand is not only passionate and serene, dazzling and understated – Thailand is proudly forever captivating.

Here are 10 things you cannot miss when visiting Thailand:

  • Revel in a spa break in Thailand – there are literally thousands of spas offering everything from authentic Thai massages to a plethora of other health and beauty treatments.
  • Outdoor activities and special interests include diving and snorkelling sailing, canoeing, white-water rafting and kayaking, golfing, elephant riding, trekking, wildlife watching, boat trips, cycling, rock climbing, caving, horse racing and riding and air sports.
  • Learn to cook Thai food the Thai way or take up one of the numerous courses on offer in Thailand offering meditation and more.
  • Shop till you drop in Thailand – Thailand is a country well-known for its high-end goods and low prices.
  • Don’t miss the entertainment in Thailand including Traditional theatre and dance, temple fairs and festivals, Muay Thai and Krabi-Krabong.
  • Thailand is famous for its fine fare and exotic flavours. Thai food is popular throughout the world; most famous for its aromatic and spicy qualities –there are numerous opportunities for the daring to try out Thai food when visiting.
  • Explore the Far North of Thailand which is also known as the Golden Triangle – a perfect marriage of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos steeped in history associated with opium production.
  • Visit The Unforgettable Gulf of Thailand which is the playground for sun worshippers which includes the Eastern Western Seaboard.
  • Southern Thailand stretches from Ranong on the Myanmar border to Malaysia – a unique region with a multicultural heritage offering an equally unique experience for visitors.
  • No visit to Thailand is complete without visiting Phuket – Thailand’s largest island which became prosperous thanks to tourism.

Thailand offers numerous activities to whet your appetite – the ten listed above are a drop in the ocean as Thailand has so much to offer their millions of visitors passing through every year. Whether you love sights, beaches markets or festivals; walks, scenic routes or would love to try out the flavours when enjoying a Thailand holiday – there is something for everyone no matter what kind of holiday package you favour.