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Affordable Holiday Accommodation Specials

Checkout Travel offers the widest range of accommodation to suit your budget. Our easy to use online travel booking system  feeds into all the main bed banks and hotels across the globe allowing us to offer you the most comprehensive range of property’s at the best deal available.
We offer the most affordable accommodation both locally and internationally so whether you are looking for accommodation for a week end getaway, a family break or that romantic beach holiday in Phuket Thailand we offer the lot!. Our range of hotels can suit any pocket from budget property’s including guest houses, back packers and self-catering  to  your 5 star deluxe  property’s. 
Why search on multiple sites for your holiday package specials when you can do it all right here right now! Our system will populate a list of your searched accommodation which can then be narrowed down by area and price. Once this is chosen, payment can be made and documents emailed to you.
Whether you are looking for a beach holidays, weekend getaways or a great family holidays, you can be sure to find suitable properties. Search through our range of self-catering units, back packers, guest houses, hotels or even 5-star properties. You need look no further to book the affordable holiday accommodation of your dreams with our quick and easy to use booking engine 
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When planning a special holiday often the basics are the things to observe to help you plan and it almost always starts from home, a flight and a start destination (sometimes the only destination). 

Ok so you know where you starting from and need to get their by flight.

So here are 5 tips to going on the dream trip.

  • Find an affordable international or domestic flight.

Look at stop overs, on route and use some cool zoom in maps.  This will help you know which cities, countries and airlines operate on the route you have chosen. Compare prices, time spent on stop over and keep it in a spreadsheet for later use and comparison.  Book early – always and keep track of your booking as you get closer to the time, so that there are no surprises.  So finding your affordable domestic or international flight is the first part of your budget spent and do not forget to get travel insurance always!

  • Always carry A Scarf

If ever there was something that has been used, on a plane, as a sleep eye mask, sun protection, keeping warm, a pillow an extra bag - it is the scarf.  Never leave home without it.

  • Don’t be cheap, but do not be wasteful

Making your money last, is always the toughest thing BUT always eat well and look after your body.  Drink good wine, eat great food, buy freshly baked bread, go on that dive, rent that bike, see the falls from wherever you can and end up never regretting having spared the money for the moment. Sleep in clean but well priced accommodation and occasionally camp it. Remember that money does not last so you can always make your own food and share costs.

  • Do not vanish

The number one rule - remember to call your family. Just be good about it.

  • Pack less bring back more

You will find travelling lightly gives you more options.  Easier quick trips off the beaten path and then you can pick up an additional bag and have space to bring back more.

The budget you have will inevitably shed up to 25% on airlines and so finding an affordable international  or domestic flight is your starting point, the rest is up to you to enjoy.

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