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Affordable Flights To Zanzibar

So some of the bigger airlines that fly to Zanzibar are, Mango, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways  and  Ethiopian Airlines, but there are many smaller operators flying in as well, such as Fly540.

When you arrive on your affordable flight to Zanzibar, you will find a small airport and you will have to pass through this little customs/passport area which is simple and easy passage through and with no additional fees or fuss.

Use the small tourist office right outside the airport exit and from there you can rent a car or use a taxi or other means of public transportation.

Whether you are touring a spice farm for delicious spices such as cardamon and nutmeg or saffron; or doing the exploration of the Jozani Forest to see the unique red colobus monkey in its natural habitat if you can find an affordable flight to Zanzibar, your budget will stretch to allow you to do other exciting adventurous things on to make this holiday destination special.

A visit to Stone Town and its markets are a must and have a sad element to it from its slavery past.

Great beaches, super surf and idyllic leisure time is a must, but watch out for those sea urchins as the definitely need to be avoided.

So with most affordable flights you will be served a range of complimentary refreshments, some light refreshments such as juices, water and biscuits, tea and coffee and for longer you could be offered a range of sandwiches.   However make sure you hydrate because its warm on the island of Zanzibar.

There is a wealth of private blogs for the adventure of a lifetime, some read up before you go.

Get there are chill. You will never regret it and an affordable flight to Zanzibar is just the thing to soothe any budget concerns a person might have.