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Affordable Holiday Accommodation in Zanzibar

Zanzibar lies in East Africa and is part of Tanzania. It consists of two large islands, namely Unguja and Pemba as well as a number of smaller islands. Zanzibar attracts over 100,000 tourists each year to their magnificent white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Tourist come to spend their days exploring the beaches as well as do some swimming, diving and snorkelling. Stone Town is also a big attraction for visitors, as they explore the beauty and history of the intriguing old city. 

Zanzibar boasts with a rich heritage and culture where visitors can go exploring many interesting parts of Zanzibar including the Stone Town’s stone coral buildings, the House of Wonders, the Slave Trade market the Persian baths, the Sultans of Zanzibar or the Sultans palace. It is very clear that the island’s history plays a big part in attracting tourists to this beautiful holiday destination from all over the globe.

Couples come for a romantic holiday. Families come to spend their days lazing on the beaches, even swimming with Dolphins, or snorkelling to Prison Island where the kids can enjoy seeing giant tortoises and coconut crabs. There are also many unspoiled beaches to explore.

Snorkelling and scuba diving are very popular pass times in Zanzibar, because of the many coral reefs to be found. Many visitors also enjoy playing watersports, fishing, taking a guides spice tour or discovering the local markets.

Zanzibar offers affordable holiday accommodation, on the beaches as well as in Stone Town. Whatever your choice of holiday, Zanzibar has affordable holiday accommodation that is best suited to you. Zanzibar’s east coast, Unguja, is home to various beach accommodations, be it intimate properties for honeymoon couples or larger resorts for families. Island such as Pemba and Chumbe also host lodges where the private island of Mnembe offers luxurious accommodation.  

Whatever your accommodation need, you will be sure to find it here, be it a romantic getaway or a family affair. Zanzibar also has numerous affordable hotels and resorts that are family-friendly and also has a number of safe-swimming beaches.