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Affordable Holiday Accommodation in Bali

Bali, the famous Island of the Gods, is a province of Indonesia. The island is Indonesia’s top tourist destination and is regularly rated within the top 10 tropical holiday destinations in the world. Bali is a year round destination that welcomed 3.27 million tourists to its beautiful beaches last year only. Many tourists claiming that Bali is “paradise on earth”. The golden beaches and lovely climate makes it the perfect holiday destination for families, couples or a group of friends.

Bali is very diverse in that it not only has the beautiful beaches but it also boasts with its mountainous landscape and volcanic hillsides. This picturesque and distinct island also offers an incredibly wide range of affordable Bali holiday accommodation, making it the largest range of holiday accommodation in Indonesia.

Bali’s reputation for affordable holiday accommodation attacks many tourist and makes it a very popular holiday destination. Tourist have their pick of a wide variety of accommodation, from bungalows and villas, to 5star hotels. Accommodation in Bali is situated across the island with each hotel, bungalow or villa perfectly situated close to the many attractions on offer. You will never fall short affordable holiday accommodation in Bali, as this popular destination has something to offer each of its visitors.

Tourists are able to go surfing and diving at their world-class beaches or go exploring Bali’s historical, cultural or archaeological attractions. You will also find lively street markets that have local produce and that showcase gifted artists’ work.

There are various regions within Bali, each creating a unique experience for tourists. Kuta offers amazing beaches and surf, and is the most popular holiday destination in Bali. South Kuta offers beautiful beaches and a more laid back and tranquil atmosphere. Legian has an abundance of restaurants and bars and a great shopping area.

The national language being Indonesian, however there is over 580 different languages and dialects spoken in Indonesia. Bali has a population of 4.2 million, with Hindu being the main religion. A little known fact is that Bali hosts a Bamboo Chocolate Factory, the biggest of its kind.