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Places of Interest in Bali

With Bali holiday packages you will be able to enjoy a Balinese Holiday overflowing with places of interest. Bali will never be dull. Watch the scenery whizz by and stop and explore when something fascinating and irresistible catches your eye.

Goa Gajah:

A trip to Goa Gajah is well worth your while. Goah Gajah – otherwise known as the Elephant Cave, was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is still an active place of worship.

Goa Gajah was built in the eleventh century, and for those that visit Goa Gajah they will be astonished at the intricately carved creatures and demons that have been engraved into the entrance of the cave where you will enter through one of the carved “mouths”.

The cave is rather small in size but it is worth taking time to explore the surrounding gardens and emerald-coloured rice paddies.

Stop over at nearby Tegalanang which is particularly well-known for its prolific rice terraces which are grown on the steep hills and valleys in the area where the terraces have been carefully created and stacked above each other.


Kintamani is one of the finest tourist spots in Bali. Here you can enjoy the vistas of the mountains and the green waters of Lake Batur.

Kintamani is flanked by captivating natural scenes with six quaint, ancient villages dotted around the lake – commonly known as Bali Age Village.

The fifteen thousand residents living her are mostly farmers, merchants or work in industrial tourism.

The best times to visit Kintamani is in the morning when the rising sun illuminates the lake and Kintamani Volcano, which has erupted 24 times since 1800 and is still active.

Sangeh Monkey Forest:

The Sangeh Monkey Forest is a must-see and must-do for tourists.

Sangeh is a small monkey forest which is home to the species Macaca Fascicularis situated in the northern part of Denpasar Town.

Certain plant types have been cultivated in the forest to feed the 500 plus monkeys that inhabit these lush surroundings.

Furthermore there are 22 different types of mammals, three different types of reptiles and various other species.

Visit the beautiful waterfalls in Bali:

As is the case with many tropical islands built on the back of volcanos, Bali is home to numerous stunning waterfalls and natural hot springs tucked away in wonderful jungle settings.

If it is breath-taking scenery you love best of all, you simply have to discover some of Bali’s best water features.

A visit to Gitgit is all-important – this is perhaps one of the finest waterfalls in all of Bali, and possibly the highest. Gitgit Waterfall is located 10 kms south of Singaraja.

Coffee plantations, colourful stalls and clove trees will greet you as you meander along the narrow jungle path when making your way towards the falls.

Other sensational falls include the Banjar Air Panas, Munduk Falls in the central highlands, Toya Bunghah, Air Terjun Singsing just 5km north of Kalibukbuk which are huge masses of water tumbling into chilly pools that make for a rather refreshing swim. 

A Balinese holiday overflowing with places of interest must also include a visit to the Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, Ubud Village, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest the breath-taking Botanical Gardens, and whatever you do don’t miss out on visiting the eye-popping Tirta Gangga Water Palace. Bali truly is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations.