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Beach Holidays in Bali

For those holiday makers seeking beachside pleasure at affordable prices, you have certainly chosen the best destination in the world to enjoy this. While there’s no shortage of luxury accommodation in Bali, selecting one right on the coast is a wise choice.

Bali beach holidays are perfect for those that love to soak up the sun and need a bit of R & R. On an island that is world-famous for its beaches, it is hard to choose a favourite one.

Because many of Bali’s beaches are made up of black volcanic sand, the coasts of Sanur and Nusa Duar are hot contenders with their idyllic combination of long stretches of fine, sparkling, palm-fringed beaches and flawless, tranquil waters.

Underwater you will discover a magical, mystical world amongst the coral reefs where a myriad colourful fish call this home– a veritable paradise for the adventurous.

Bali's Balangan Beach:

A good beach to explore is Balangan as this is perhaps the most “European” looking beach. Balangan is tucked away and can be found towards the south of the island a little after Jimbaran and before Bingin.

The best part is that Balangan is private enough not to be jam-packed with masses of noisy tourists – a little far from the maddening crowd. Furthermore this shore is absolutely ideal for reef surfing.

Discover the delectable banana milkshakes at Suzuki Warung or simply laze about on the numerous sun loungers, and when the tide goes out explore the little pools amongst the rocks.

White Sand Beach in Padang Bai:

Cool bars, friendly locals and lovely waters – all of these can be found at Padang Bai – a tiny oasis hidden away which is certainly worth a visit. There are two beaches that you can visit at Padang Bai – Whitehaven and Blue Lagoon.

Enjoy the night music at the many bars – and if you are looking for some great food try Warung Sinar where the food is surprising delicious (a warung is the terminology used for eateries and little restaurants that can be found dotted throughout Bali).

The White Sand beach in Padang Bai is exactly what the name suggests – miles of pristine white sand beach reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Visiting the seaside town of Kuta is a must:

The little seaside town of Kuta offers vacationers unforgettable, nostalgic memories. With its glorious past guests will soon consider this to be the capital of memory.

Once a sleepy little hamlet, the attractiveness of the beach at Kuta has converted the village into one of the island’s liveliest districts offering a kinetic, vibrant nightlife and boundless dynamism overflowing with frivolity.

Suffice to say Kuta is a brilliant spot when booking Bali beach holidays – simply perfect for those that want to soak up the sun, seeking a little bit of excitement.

Life may be a beach in Bali but that does not mean you have to sit on the beach soaking up the sun all day long – outings are easy to plan from the comfort of your deckchair where you can tick all the right holiday boxes from snorkelling and river rafting to shopping at the markets, elephant safaris and temple visits.

If you are planning a Bali beach holiday you will be spoilt for choice; expect a holiday package filled with random exploration where you can follow your nose by deviating from the itineraries to discover that certain kind of Balinese magic.